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In 2083, the pollution has made everything dull and colorless. Our character finds a colorful pizza and he wants to keep it for himself. Therefore, he keeps it from other humans by spitting on them and he builds a rocketship to fly away from the Earth with the only thing that can bring happiness in his life, a good pizza. 

The theme of the jam is the main idea of the story, but it's not related to the mechanics.

This game was made in 25 hours by one person.

Please give feedback !!!


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Got my stomach in a whirl, but so original well done for that :D 

I really the pitch of the game! A bit to difficult to play for me since I don't have a qwerty keyboard. To spice the things up, you could make some different enemies, like slower and tougher to kill vs faster and easier to kill.

I like this.You have a good humor, my child.


I recommend spit upgrades. My ideas: Shotgun spit, spit laser , burst , ETC 

other then that amazing game I loved 

Spit laser for the win


Its good

Okay so i'm kind in love with this so far. My favorite part was when I first got in and heard the mixed reactions from people as i spit on them. My suggestions would be more mixed and varied reactions and stuff, and a deeper upgrade system and this would be a killer flash game.

Thanks for the feedback !!!